President: Bev Maiers

Season tickets consist of four performances with the option to attend a luncheon directly following the event.

All performances begin at 10:30am at McMorran Place Theater.

September 9, 2024

Ken Jennings

When it comes to quiz shows, no one has done it better than Ken Jennings. A former software engineer, Ken rose to fame in 2004 when he spent six months as a contestant on Jeopardy! His 75-game streak and $2.52 million in winnings are still Jeopardy! records today.

During his youth, Ken spent 15 years in South Korea and Singapore where his father practiced law. He spent many afternoons watching Jeopardy! and dreamed of being on the show. He achieved that goal, and beyond! He has since been named the show’s “Greatest of All Time” and is currently hosting the nightly game show.

Jennings has appeared on numerous TV shows and is the author of 13 books, three of which are New York Times bestsellers. Ken appears nationwide speaking on topics such as the importance of education, artificial intelligence, his love for geography and shares his insider stories from behind the scenes at Jeopardy!

October 14, 2024

Tom Daldin & Jim Edelman

Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman are hosts of the popular Emmy Award-winning PBS television program, Under the Radar, which features fascinating people and places in Michigan. The hosts talk with real people and tell their stories in a fun, fast-paced program. When Jim and Tom talk about a place, people travel long distances to experience that location. Port Huron was most recently featured on Under the Radar in the summer of 2023!

Tom is an Emmy Award-winning producer, actor, and author, who has created programs that have aired across Michigan and around the United States on PBS. Tom, his wife Cathy, and their children love exploring Michigan’s many wonders and attractions.

Jim Edelman’s attention to detail, idea generation, and his aptitude for sales, keep funding for the show flowing, completing the circle of skills for Under the Radar. His love of storytelling and his search for offbeat, little-known stories really makes his day. Jim lives in Salem, Michigan, and insists that he is quite normal despite owning three cats.

November 11, 2024

Dr. James Delgado

Dr. James Delgado is an underwater explorer, archaeologist, journalist, and historian. He has worked around the globe and has spent decades in the fascinating world of underwater exploration. Jim is known as a respected, passionate leader, whose prime goal is to keep maritime archaeology alive and accessible to everyone.

Dr. Delgado hosted The Sea Hunters for five years. He has held various positions in maritime museums and organizations. He is the author of more than thirty books, numerous articles, and is a frequent guest and host on television specials, and breaking news stories.

James has worked on some of the most famous shipwreck sites in history, including the Titanic, the USS Arizona and the fabled “ghost ship” Mary Celeste. His expeditions have solved long- lasting undersea mysteries, brought closure to families, and connected the modern world with powerful, human stories from the past.

December 9, 2024

Austin Hatch

Austin Hatch calls his story one of tragedy, incomprehensible loss, and triumph.

Tragedy struck for the first time in 2003. Austin and his dad survived a plane crash that took his mom, sister, and brother. Eight years later, just after being offered a full scholarship to play basketball for the University of Michigan, tragedy struck again. Austin, his father, and his “other mother” were involved in yet another plane crash. Austin was the only survivor, leaving him in a coma, battling severe injuries. With the help of his medical team, family, and friends, Austin made an impressive comeback and was able to fulfill his dream of going to Michigan. Although he was no longer a star player, Austin took great pride in his role and found ways to make a positive impact on the team.

Austin believes part of the reason he survived, endured tragic losses, and made a full recovery, is to help others. He will share his inspiring story about thriving in the midst of adversity.